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Cold calling!

Does your stomach flip?

Do your hands sweat?

Does your voice shake?

Cold calling – the words alone make people cringe.

And yet a single cold call could be the source for that next big account.

You’ve heard all the success stories:

"I made a cold call and spoke directly to the CEO of Puppy Chow!" 
"The biggest account I ever landed was from a cold call." 

"I just decided to make some calls that day and I ended up with a purchase order two days later."

“Our largest client came in from a cold call.”

Cold calling, prospecting, telemarketing, phone solicitation, whatever you choose…. Whether you are marketing Business-to-business or Business-to-consumer, the next success story could be yours.

There is an enormous amount of telemarketing literature you can buy online. I’m here to help you cut through all the hype and start seeing results!

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Don’t know where to start?

Feel like no one will care?

Think cold calling won’t work for your business?

My name is Ceri Ruenheck the owner of the telemarketing firm, It's Your Call.  I've heard many entrepreneurs say making a cold call is the last thing they ever want to do.  Also delivered in terms of "I've got better things to do"  "It wouldn't work for my business" and the ever popular "I get all my business from referrals".  Yet, many of them ask me particulars about making a call

 "But Ceri, I don't have a clue…."

"What do I say?"

"Who do I call?"

"How do I get by the gatekeeper?"

"I get so nervous"

I’ve been asked countless times how to make cold-calls which is why I decided to write an e-book filled with telemarketing tips. For the non-sales entrepreneur – this book shares tips and ideas that are tried and true. Now you can stop making excuses as to why you aren’t cold-calling and get started right now!

Since 1994 I have been successfully developing and executing telemarketing campaigns that provide results. As a business owner and advisor, I know where to start, what to say, and how to turn those things we know as cold-calls into sales.

Anyone who is doing business will benefit from reading this book.Cold Calling for the Clueless is your step-by-step guide ….. what do you have to lose–besides sales?


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